It’s all about attitude…..

Sometimes our minds definitely get on the way of what we want to do. It can be that we are stubborn or that we don’t believe in ourselves but the basis of most of our issues are usually based within our mind.

I’ve spent the last few years battling with my mind – never being sure that I was good enough! This year something changed, I decided that I wanted to make some changes and that’s exactly what I did.

The two women you see in the picture above have very different outlooks on life, the woman on the left was full of can’t do so won’t do, the woman on the right is very much, not sure if I can do but will give it a try.

An example of how my attitude has changed this year…..yesterday I was sitting on a bus in traffic and decided that I would get off and walk to my destination instead, it wasn’t far , but the old me would have stayed on the bus and got a later train! Not massive steps but a change in attitude all the same.

In the last year I have taken steps to change my life – mainly around getting healthy and just this morning finished the 5th of 5 sessions with my PT this week. In December of last year it would have been a nice thought but that’s all it would have been.

So before I leave you, let me pose a question what does your mind stop you from doing?


So as soon as I hear the word Barcelona I have a picture in my head of Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballe´. I amtravelling to Barcelona with hubby on a whirlwind city break. When I say whirlwind it really isn’t an understatement, we arrive in Barcelona at approx 2100 on Friday and fly home at 1100 on Sunday.

We’re flying EasyJet – I know that some people don’t like the budget airlines but I have to say for trips to Europe we have never had any problems with either EasyJet or Ryanair. It’s not luxury travel in any way, but as we generally eat at the airport anyway we don’t need any of the niceties that you would get when flying long haul. We left Luton under the cover of fog, so the flight was slightly delayed but it’s not the end of the world.

The whole trip was booked with easyJet and was very economical, again the hotel appears to be basic, but it’s only a base so as long as it’s clean, I’ll be happy.

So the plans for the weekend……as is the custom when we go to a new place, the first thing we are going to do tonight is the hop on, hop off sightseeing bus! This is a great way to see lots of the sights when you are time limited (as we most definitely are this weekend). That will be followed by something else that is generally common practice on our trips around the world….FOOTBALL…

My hubby is an absolute football nut, it has been said that if two ants were kicking a grain of rice around he would stop to watch. As a result I have watched football all round the UK at all levels of the football pyramid, in Northern Ireland, Poland and even in my happy place Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. On this trip we will be going to see Barcelona, but not the first team and not at the Camp Nou, (we chose to travel on an international break weekend.) Instead we are going to watch Barcelona B at the Miniestadi, as you would expect this is Barcelona’s second team and we are hoping to see some of the talent of the future. As you would expect this is much more budget friendly than if we were to attend a first team match – in fact it has cost us 21 euros for both tickets.

After that we’ll find somewhere nice to have dinner and sample some of the local hospitality and i suspect some people watching will take place too.



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Before you all groan and say that it’s still November…this post isn’t what you may think!

We are fast approaching the festive season, and I’ll be honest and say I am one of those people who love it – and that I drive my family mad for weeks beforehand. However, there are people who aren’t looking forward to it – and not just because they are the modern day grinch!

Sometimes I think we need to be aware that Christmas can be a very sad and lonely time for people, it can bring back memories both happy and sad. It can be that they have lost someone recently or many years ago, or just that Christmas doesn’t invoke good memories.

Sometimes we are so full of the Christmas spirit, they we don’t see what others are going through, and they may not admit how they are actually feeling for fear of putting a downer on the festivities.

So although I admit I’ll be that annoying person with Christmas music on in November – I will also be looking out for those around me , who might need a hug or just a moment…anyone who knows me, if this is you please shout and those who don’t know me – feel free to take a virtual hug if you need one.


Sometimes in life you need to take a step back and evaluate your life. It’s all very well trying to be superwoman and do everything to please everyone, but sometimes, you need to be a little selfish and do what is right for you.

We’re all guilty of over committing to things and then not wanting to disappoint someone, and we all have so many roles in our lives.

Sometimes I think this makes us forget who we are, we are always someone’s wife, someone’s mum, someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s boss, someone’s employee and the list goes on.

My journey over the past nine months has made me start to question what I do and why I do it…and as a result some decisions need to be made.

I shall be reviewing my commitments over the coming days and anything that I don’t believe brings value to my life will be chopped!

My journey isn’t only about weight loss or health, it’s a journey of transformation physically, spiritually and mentally.

So this has been a bit of a ramble and my next post will be back to making a little more sense (or not as the case may be).

I’ll leave you with a question – do you prioritise value in your roles or do you try to be all things to all people?

It’s been a while……

So I’ve finally managed to sit down and write a post. I’ve missed writing these as they are a great way to get all of my jumbled thoughts out of my head.

So let’s talk about my progress on my health journey….started in January and although I’ve made progress – not as much as I would like.

Is the image on the left was taken on 1st January 2018 and the one on the right was taken on October 4th 2018. There is a clear difference I’m sure you will agree!!!

So these two images were both taken in Dubai – which we all know is my happy place. Left hand one December 2017, right hand one October 2018.

My journey has been anything but smooth, with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, but as I’m sure you’ll agree that is life!!!!

The numbers aren’t as great as I would have liked – we are now 42 weeks in and I’ve only lost 25 lbs – but I’ll take that. It’s a great start!

Previously I would have given up long ago – but I’m still here and plodding along.

My journey continues and I will get to my goal – although maybe a bit slower than originally planned.

This year has thrown me plenty of curve balls – but I’ve survived.

What this year has shown me is that I have some very good friends who care for me – something I wasn’t always so sure about.

I’ve also had some great adventures this year and have many more planned, I will post more and hope that you will be here reading.

A new start….or just a refresh???

Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at where you are, and where you want to be. I’m on a journey to lose weight and get healthy, and I’m getting there slowly but surely….and sometimes I need to realise that it’s ok to take it slow.

I’ve lost weight quickly before and it’s come straight back on and I’ve added some. However this time, there is something inside that is different, I really want this to happen. It’s not all about the weight loss- my main reason was to get healthy and to try and reverse some of the damage that I have done to my body.

Since I began this journey in January, I have lost weight, dropped dress sizes and most importantly I no longer have to take insulin for my diabetes. This is a major step forward in my journey to be healthy, but is only a stepping stone to my end goal.

This post probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it’s just what was in my head tonight and I wanted to get it down.

Have a great week all – whatever you do – do your best and have fun!

Monday Musings

It’s been a very busy month – hence the lack of posts. However, hopefully things will start to settle and I can get back to some normality.

I sit here thinking about life, nothing too deep but just life in general. It’s a bit of a cliche but life really is what you make it! I need to get my life running back in the direction I want it to be, I appear to be stuck at a red traffic light, not going backwards but not going forwards either.

So what do I need to change to change that light to green?

I need to put myself first and get my sorry backside back in the gym.

I need to get my house straight and clear a load of clutter.

I need to appreciate how far I’ve come and how well I’ve done health wise.

I need to get my study brain in as I’m about to start my OU degree.

I think that’ll do for now – I’ll be back to post again real soon!!!

Life is for living…..

I think sometimes we take life for granted – always believing that there is another time to say sorry or to call that person you’ve been meaning to call. However, sometimes life catches up with us and we never get the chance to tell that person how we feel or to make right whatever was wrong.

This week I’ve learnt of the passing of someone who I hadn’t spoken to in years, and although we didn’t have a fight or part on bad terms, it left me thinking- should I have made an effort to stay in touch??

Life can be full of regrets…of things we should have done, and things we should have said….

So my resolution is to get back in touch with people I keep saying I should cat h up with… about you?

It’s all about self belief….

So here I am again – this post is being written whilst I’m on holiday in Zurich. The weather on the whole has been fantastic – just one rain shower and I’m spending the weekend with a very good friend!

The weekend has been one of self-realisation. I am now more aware of what I can and can’t do – and am more prepared to push myself.

This was never more obvious than today – my friend and I decided to climb a mountain! Well we are in Switzerland after all!!!!! We took the train and then started the climb – straight away I felt the burn in my chest as I walked up the first very steep part. I stopped to catch my breath and the old thoughts of “you can’t do this” were ringing on my head. (Indeed on previous walks last year that would have been the case and I would have turned round and gone back)

This time I took some time to catch my breath and carried on – we walked to the top and along some very hilly paths and I am proud to say that I achieved the walk I planned!!!

So it really is all about mindset, believe in yourself and what you can do….it really will come true!

What will you do over the next few days to challenge what you previously believed of yourself??

Success – embrace it!

I’m one of those people who love to congratulate people on their successes, be they physical or mental. However when it comes to taking credit for my own success- it’s a totally different story.

As you may or may not know I have lost some weight over the last six months,and friends have been very kind when mentioning it…..but all I say is “I’m trying” rather than just taking the congratulations as a positive thing.

Why are some people (especially me) so bad at taking positive feedback, whereas others take it and revel in it???

Is it that those who celebrate their own successes are just more confident overall, that they are truly chuffed with what they have achieved, and those of us who can’t – lack self belief in what we have done???

I am trying to be more positive in what I see, but it’s not something that will change overnight or even in months. Confidence is a very personal thing, and sometimes people aren’t as confident as you may think. Sometimes the loudest person on the room is actually the most insecure and lacking in confidence.

So today be nice to each other and maybe we can all start to love ourselves a little bit more.