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Before you all groan and say that it’s still November…this post isn’t what you may think!

We are fast approaching the festive season, and I’ll be honest and say I am one of those people who love it – and that I drive my family mad for weeks beforehand. However, there are people who aren’t looking forward to it – and not just because they are the modern day grinch!

Sometimes I think we need to be aware that Christmas can be a very sad and lonely time for people, it can bring back memories both happy and sad. It can be that they have lost someone recently or many years ago, or just that Christmas doesn’t invoke good memories.

Sometimes we are so full of the Christmas spirit, they we don’t see what others are going through, and they may not admit how they are actually feeling for fear of putting a downer on the festivities.

So although I admit I’ll be that annoying person with Christmas music on in November – I will also be looking out for those around me , who might need a hug or just a moment…anyone who knows me, if this is you please shout and those who don’t know me – feel free to take a virtual hug if you need one.

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