Success – embrace it!

I’m one of those people who love to congratulate people on their successes, be they physical or mental. However when it comes to taking credit for my own success- it’s a totally different story.

As you may or may not know I have lost some weight over the last six months,and friends have been very kind when mentioning it…..but all I say is “I’m trying” rather than just taking the congratulations as a positive thing.

Why are some people (especially me) so bad at taking positive feedback, whereas others take it and revel in it???

Is it that those who celebrate their own successes are just more confident overall, that they are truly chuffed with what they have achieved, and those of us who can’t – lack self belief in what we have done???

I am trying to be more positive in what I see, but it’s not something that will change overnight or even in months. Confidence is a very personal thing, and sometimes people aren’t as confident as you may think. Sometimes the loudest person on the room is actually the most insecure and lacking in confidence.

So today be nice to each other and maybe we can all start to love ourselves a little bit more.

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