Dubai Part 2

So I’m reaching the end of my holiday…but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Despite me telling everyone I wouldn’t be back to Dubai until 2020…..I will in fact be back in October 2018! This will be with my daughter and her partner and obviously hubby.

This trip has been full of things to do and see, but has been leisurely enough to allow for some well needed rest and relaxation.

Some of the things we wanted to do this time included:

The Miracle Garden – which has numerous sculptures made out of flowers.

The Green planet an indoor rainforest where I got up close and personal with Mr Sloth!

The global village – a trip round the world in one evening!

We’ve also tried lots of different foods and been to lots of different places – as this trip draws to an end (just two more days) I can honestly say I think it’s been my favourite so far!

Merry Christmas from Dubai!!

So I’m sitting here in Dubai for my first Christmas away from home – and I have to say I feel a little thoughtful. Don’t get me wrong – I am having the most amazing holiday and am with my best friend, but there is a little part of me that is missing being at home, in the cold, surrounded by my family.

This year has been a journey in so many ways, but mainly in how I see myself and those round me. I have realised that friendship isn’t about quantity but is totally about quality ….I have decided that surrounding myself with people who are actually interested in me, and not what they can get from me, is the way to move forward.

I have goals for the future, some that revolve around myself, some that revolve around my career and some that revolve around my life. However, this post isn’t the place to be declaring my goals, just somewhere to place that I have them.

Over the year we’ve all had our personal issues, be they big or small, that have affected the way our year has gone. These things have moulded us and helped us become the people we are today.

The decisions we make have implications on those around us, and sometimes we don’t realise that…make 2018 the year that you ensure you make the best decisions….

Merry Christmas x

Dubai 2017 – Part One

I’m sorry I haven’t been about much – but with work and family stuff before I came away – I simply ran out of time!

Anyway – I’ve finally arrived in Dubai for the very long awaited holiday. As you can see the weather is awful (lol) – we’ve now been here 6 days and we’ve done lots.

Dubai as I have said before is very much a city of two sides – the flash side

And the traditional or old side

Me personally I prefer the laid back pace of ‘Old Dubai’ but new Dubai is pretty cool too. We’ve just been taking things pretty slowly and resting – lots of photos on Facebook and Instagram.

To be continued….