Saturday night thoughts…

The other day I was talking about how time is precious and how we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Two things have happened this week to bring this home to me even more – firstly a colleague lost their son and secondly a Sky presenter lost his wife just three days after she was diagnosed with Leukaemia. At the start of the week neither family would have known what was going to happen to them and so probably didn’t have the time to say what they needed to or wanted to.

So as I sit here on my train home from work – I’m looking forward to seeing hubby and making sure that he knows how I feel about him.

I have lots of things planned with friends and family over the next two weeks – something that I probably wouldn’t have done before. Now I need to appreciate the important people in my life and make sure that they know I do. Anyone who is reading this that I have t got round to arranging something with – it will happen very soon!

Shoes……..and more shoes! Black Friday was very good to me!


So being a lady with curves, I’m not generally that bothered about clothes, once I find something I like I generally stick with it.

However, when to comes to shoes, that’s a different matter… don’t get me wrong I love the look of the six inch stiletto heels from people such as Louboutin but being practical I can’t walk in heels of any type for more than a few minutes.

Just recently I have discovered a website which fulfils all my shoe needs called Shoeaholics – this website has lots of designer shoes at massively discounted prices.

(I’ll do a proper review on this website on a post of it’s own!)

This website has allowed me to fuel my passion for a brand of casual shoes called Flossy. Flossy are casual shoes made in Spain – and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn – I discovered them on a trip to Dubai a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

I am now the proud owner of many pairs of flossy’s – in pretty much every colour and in a variety of materials (including a sparkly pair!!)

However it’s not just Flossy’s – I have trainers, brogues, cowboy boots, walking boots, flat boots, loafers, pumps and a pair of Uggs!

Much to Hubby’s disgust Black Friday has heralded more shoes – trainers to be precise, 2 pairs of Reebok Classic and 2 pairs of Nike Air Max!

I love my shoes!!!!!!!!!



Lists…..Lists and more Lists….


I love a list….in fact I probably even have a list of lists!

Housework,shopping, holiday plans, packing lists – you name it I probably either have a list for it or have had at some point had one.

There is something so satisfying about crossing items out on a to-do list.

In preparation for my trip to Dubai I have lots of lists, shopping lists, task lists, packing lists and indeed a list of lists…..

The thing about lists is they give you a place to start, and also when finished give you a place know you have finished….and sometimes even when you haven’t quite ticked everything off, they can give you hope as you see how much you have achieved.

So whether it’s a To-Do list or a Ta-Da list – lists have practical and emotional uses for me – what do you use lists for?

Monday Musings…..


This beautiful boy is Salem – he was my cat – we lost him 3 years ago.  I came across this picture whilst sorting out my photo library, I love it as he was sitting on the table nose to nose with me.

Finding the picture and I suppose the time of year got me thinking about those we’ve lost, be they people or furry ones and those we still have.  I think sometimes we take our friends and family for granted, always assuming that there will always be another tomorrow, another opportunity to say things or make things right.

What I’m saying is make sure you treasure those around you – even if they aren’t exactly next door, there are many ways to get in touch nowadays, emails, texts,skype or picking up the phone.  (you could probably even send a letter still in time for Christmas!)

I’ve sat here today thunking about the people who are important to me and those who I haven’t really kept in touch with, and in some cases that makes me sad.  I’m going to make more of an effort in 2018 to show those who matter I care……what about you?

Dublin day 1

So it’s been a very chilled day here in Dublin – had a lie in and then strolled down to a local cafe for breakfast. (We’ve had the hotel breakfast and it’s very good but like to try other places)

This morning was Chorus Cafe – literally two minutes walk from the hotel.

These were the offerings – all washed down with tea and orange juice – reasonably priced, spotlessly clean and very tasty (what more can you ask?)

We then had a wander around the city centre and stopped at the world famous Temple Bar pub…..didn’t go here last time as it was absolutely heaving! Today as it was early – we wandered in and hubby had his first Guinness of the trip. It was a bit early for me so I stuck to a soft drink.

After our brief stop we bought some souvenirs – or as hubby calls it ‘tat’ – this is part of the trip wherever we go.

After some more walking and a quick stop in a Spar shop – don’t be fooled in thinking of the little shops at home, these are generally larger shops that sell lots including fresh fruit and veg, freshly made food and also have a cafe instore, we made our way to a cafe called Queen of Hearts.

I wanted to try this on our last visit but time ran away with us – so lunch here this time was a must! From the warm welcome to the amazing cakes – this place didn’t disappoint!

That’s about all for now – the plan for tonight is dinner at a favourite restaurant, a few drinks and maybe watch the football or listen to some local music.

More updates tomorrow.

Hello Dublin!

We arrived last night and basically dumped our stuff in the hotel – great place – will do a separate post on it later.

We got the LUAS which is a tram system to the 3 arena – and having had a little adventure looking for a cashpoint took our seats for Steps.

The seats were very good – but as always in these venues food and drink were overpriced €16 for two hotdogs and two bottles of Sprite Zero (which they took the lids off of)

The concert was good, the main support act The Vengaboys were very entertaining and the crowd was jumping, Steps started with an incredible opening number and I enjoyed the show – however there were parts that I enjoyed more than others!

All in all, an enjoyable first night in Dublin – today will be a chilled out mooch around the city and dinner at a favourite restaurant tonight.

Time to Travel Part 2

So you’ll be pleased to know that things have improved….

We’ve just had lunch in Frankie & Benny’s at the airport and it was probably the fastest service ever.

In fact it might actually have been too fast as our mains came out before we’d finished our starters!

However the food was very good and the service has been friendly …. if a little prompt!

We’ve just realised that there is international football in Dublin tomorrow – hubby checked for tickets but no joy – so I guess we’ll be finding a pub that is showing the game and having a few drinks.

Just waiting for the gate to be called – next update from Dublin!!!

Time to Travel….Part 1

So today hubby and I are off to Dublin for four days. I love Dublin – in fact this is our second visit this year.

So we’ve used the train to get to the airport (and the bus from the station) and we are flying Ryanair from London Luton Airport.

I’ve never flown out of Luton before so this is a new experience for me… we’re only here because Ryanair cancelled our flight from Birmingham.

First impressions – not good – rude people – slow staff – poorly organised.

Still we’re on holiday!!!!

Family – Monday Morning Ramblings..


So a new week begins….and I have been thinking about family.

You have your close family – i.e. your partner, children, siblings parents and grandparents (if you are lucky enough to still have them)…… then you have your extended family – Aunties, Uncles, Cousins etc…. The final category is the Non-Family Family, this is made of very good friends who you are as close to as family.

I’m lucky that I have people in all of those categories – a point that was highlighted over the past weekend.  I attended my cousins engagement party and even though I hadn’t seen most of not all of those family members for months if not years, it was like we’d never been apart.

I also have a small but perfectly formed circle of close friends (they know who they are) – these are friends who no matter what I know have my back.

In terms of my close family, the picture above shows the nucleus – my hubby and daughter, it’s a rare photo as I very rarely allow photos of me to be shown.

So as I sit here with what feels like the start of yet another cold, I feel that life is good and feel loved.

So today, think of your family and maybe give them a call, or maybe it’s a friend who you haven’t seen for ages , make a plan to see them….. be grateful for the positive people in your life…you never know how long you have them for…